ISRO将在未来7个月内完成19次发射任务, 印网友: ISRO做得很好

Isro to launch 19 missions in just 7 months



NEW DELHI: After a lull of five months, Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is gearing up for a flurry of space activities from September as it will conduct 19 launches, including the Chandrayaan-2 mission, in just seven months.


Isro chairman K Sivan told TOI, “We are going to conduct 19 missions, including 10 satellites and nine launch vehicles, between September and March. For Isro, this will be the highest density period for launches as never before we had launched two satellites within 30 days consecutively for months. We will resume our services on September 15 with the PSLV C42 mission, which will totally be a commercial launch.” PSLV C42 will carry UK satellites — Novasar and S1-4 — as the main payload.

ISRO主席K Sivan对《印度时报》表示:“我们将在今年9月至明年3月间执行19项任务,包括10颗卫星和9枚运载火箭。对于Isro来说,这将是前所未有的高发射密度时期,因为之前我们从来没有过连续数月在30天内连发两颗卫星。我们将于9月15日重启PSLV C42发射任务,这将完全是一次商业发射。PSLV C42将搭载以Novasar和S1-4为主要有效载荷的英国卫星。”


In October, Isro will launch GSLV MkIII-D2, also known as ‘bahubali’. This will be the second launch of Isro’s most powerful rocket with 4-tonne lifting capability. The rocket will lift off with GSAT-29 satellite with multi-beam and optical communication payloads, which will help bridge the digital divide in rural regions.

在今年10月份,ISRO将发射GSLV MkIII-D2,也被称为“巴霍巴利王”。这将是ISRO最强大的4吨运载能力火箭的第二次发射。该火箭将与GSAT-29卫星一起发射,GSAT-29搭载多波束和光通信有效载荷,将有助于弥合农村地区的数字鸿沟。

In October itself, another launch of PSLV C43 is scheduled that will carry HySIS or hyperspectral imaging satellite. The satellite is set to add teeth to the way India is gleaned from 630 km altitude as it will enable the country to see in 55 spectral or colour bands.

同样在10月份,PSLV C43计划再次发射,将携带高光谱成像卫星。这颗卫星将使印度能从630千米高空采集数据,因为它将使印度能够看到55个光谱或彩色波段。

In November too, Isro will launch two satellites. GSLV F11 will launch GSAT-7A, a satellite dedicated for the IAF, which will help the force interlink their bases, ground radar stations and AWACS aircraft. Thereafter, Isro will launch 5.6 tonne GSAT-11, its heaviest satellite ever made, from French Guiana on November 30. The satellite came into limelight when it was recalled in April from Arianespace to look for any possible anomaly. In December, Isro’s PSLV C44 will launch Emisat. The same month Isro will launch GSAT-31 from French Guiana. This communication satellite will be a replacement for Insat 4CR.

在今年11月份,ISRO也将发射两颗卫星。GSLV F11将发射供印度空军专用的GSAT-7A卫星,这将帮助部队连接基地、地面雷达站和预警机。此后,ISRO将于11月30日在法属圭亚那发射5.6吨重的GSAT-11卫星,这将是其有史以来最重的卫星。今年4月,ISRO从阿利安太空公司召回了这颗卫星,以检查是否出现任何可能的异常现象,从而引起了人们的关注。12月份,ISRO的PSLV C44将发射Emisat卫星。同月,IsSRO将从法属圭亚那发射GSAT-31,这颗通信卫星将取代Insat 4CR。

Isro will usher in next year with the launch of its highly ambitious Chandrayaan-2 mission. The launch window will be from January 3 to February 16. Israel, too, is launching its moon mission around the same time. It will be a neck-and-neck race between the two to become the fourth country in the world after Russia, US and China to do a soft-landing on the lunar surface. In January itself, Isro’s PSLV C45 rocket will carry a remote sensing satellite Risat-2B.

ISRO将于明年启动其雄心勃勃的“月船2号”任务,发射时间将从1月3日到2月16日。与此同时,以色列也在发射月球探测器。这将是两国之间一场势均力敌的角逐,以成为继俄罗斯、美国和中国之后在月球表面软着陆的第四个国家。在明年1月,ISRO的PSLV C45火箭将搭载一颗遥感卫星Risat-2B。

In February, PSLV C46 will launch two satellites — Cartosat-3, a remote sensing satellite, and NEMO AM, the next-generation earth monitoring and observation-aerosol monitoring satellite. In March, Isro plans to launch another reconnaissance satellite Risat-2BR1. Risat-2B, Cartosat-3 and Risat-2BR1 will increase the surveillance capabilities of the country.

在明年2月,PSLV C46将发射两颗卫星—Cartosat-3遥感卫星和下一代地球监测与观测-气溶胶监测卫星—NEMO AM。明年3月,ISRO计划发射另一颗侦察卫星Risat-2BR1。Risat-2B、Cartosat-3和Risat-2BR1将提高印度的监测能力。



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boasting Indians

Real space powers like Russia, US and China, even France and Japan, never announce their launches way before and boast about them. India is the only country that does this. Indians need the boost for their ego, but at the risk of biting the dust when their boasts fail, which is not if but WHEN. Why can''t Indians learn something named humbleness? Guess that''s against the gene of BIG mouthed Indians. Looking around, Japan can lift 15 tonnes into space and has been the main transports of the space station, but Japan never utter a word about it. Indians can''t lift anything more than 4 tones but brag all the time. As of now, Indians are enjoying their Toyotas and even the little Suzuki in India.



Ajay Singh

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